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About The Daily Messenger Blog Site, Revealing The Holy Word, and Or That Which is Concealed

The Daily Messenger Blog Site, Revealing The Holy Word, and Or That Which is Concealed is an interconnected place for you to write and publish, powered by WriteFreely and ActivityPub.

^ all this means is if you use the fediverse, such as www.freeatlantis.com, your posts can be what's called “federated.” or shared amongst other servers in the fediverse. Fediverse is like a massive decentralized twitter. it's very cool, in fact. if you're not a part of it, and a former zuckertron, or former twit-twat, check into it. It's MUCH better than either of those two, and each server instance, such as freeatlantis.com, is run by an individual. you can find a list of instances here: www.instances.social

there are other sites across teh web that catalogue mastodon instances (aka the fediverse), as well, but instances.social has a nice ruberick list you can look at to help the process of joining one be easier.

This instance of writefreely is run by an individual, an artist, and a lifelong admirer of the simple things in life, and a free speech advocate, and has no connection to the people who wrote the software by which we are using, that this site runs on. It is, however – a free speech zone.

The server runs on a dedicated linux server in iceland, and is secured to the best of both my ability and the staff at the data center there. The only way you'd run into any legal issue with your blog, is if there was an official Icelantic court order against you, and they go through huge efforts to avoid doing such. As it stands, the whois data for the registration of this website, is entirely private, using the server staff's isolated privacy guard service.

If you're interested in reading about icelands privacy laws, feel free to check that out here: https://ctemplar.com/icelandic-privacy-laws/

I set this up so people would have a place to write, unencumbered by the tech giants, and their day by day flag pole moving political censorship.

This server is expensive, (250 USD a month.) If you feel inclined to help support its longevity, feel free. paypal goes to orgonians@tutanota.com

Thank You for being a part of this, and flexing your voice.

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