how do I keep track of all the stuff that I'm doing?

Well. I have a text editor that I don't use for anything else but this,

I use Tea. On #Debian #Linux but it can be anything, really.

  • I make a folder in Documents called day-count

  • I set my system clock to show the day of the year.

  • I make a folder for each year, just the number of the year, 2023 for example.

  • Then each document, as I go about whatever it is I'm doing gets a simple filename schema, for example:

save it, and you have a folder you can easily scroll through when you open the text editor selection dialogue or your desktop window managers file picker. The benefits will be readily apparent when all you have to do is scroll and find the keywords that stand out, or the day number relative to the current day number. It's very fast and efficient. I've been doing this for 3 years now.

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I save things as markdown because sometimes I put markdown tags in text files. It's just easier, because markdown is a hybrid format that supports HTML tags, as well as markdown tags.

and no, I don't use calendaring of ANY sort, no day planner stuffs, and I don't even wear a watch. Simple is the best way to go, and this is simple. Plus, you can move it wherever you want, it's not DRM locked to an app or specific UI, and trust that I spent years, over a decade and a half, messing with all that stuff... It will slowly drive you mad.

waxing for a moment, #memories..

So I used to run a music and culture online “zine” back in the early to mid 2000's. We had a small team of happy writers, and I was always getting cd's of new bands sent to the apartment and would mail them out to the writers, they'd review them and email me their article, and up it went, type of thing. I handled some of the reviews, and then did the photo section myself, cuz that was really my thing.

The publication was called (its not in my control anymore, no idea what's there now but it's not of my doing..)

I'd been shooting bands since I was a junior in High school, so yeah lots of fun.

This memory brought to you by Koo's Cafe, formerly in a Victorian House in Downtown Santa Ana, which used to be a Chop Suey Restaurant for about 50 years, before becoming a cultural hub and venue..

So, when I went to Koo's, I saw a band called Open Hand. I'm pretty certain it was 2003. There was an audience of literally about 20, maaaaybe 30 people there. total. it was incredible.

Listen to the album here:

As for Koo's, here's an old article from the OC Weekly, describing what was special about the place.

[1]. Remembering Koo's Cafe

#stories #music #modzine

More about modzine another time. It was a lot of fun, and there were definitely some fantastic memories from the time spent doing all that.


Welcome to this blog.

This is going to be a collection of memories of mine, as I decide to write them.

Think of it as a running online memoir, of sorts.