How To Use This Site

How to use this blog and the companion site

Hi! Howdy. Heya, Welcommen, Hoy!, Etc.. There's a LOT to be learned here. The blog also has a separate and fully functional site that serves as a content archive, for all of the videos, pdfs, and is browsable, you can even on a laptop click multiple files, (click to the left of the file name, and you'll start getting a blue check mark thing going on as you select multiple files.) Then to download them for offline viewing, you will look in the upper left hand corner of the webpage for a black downward arrow pointing at a solid horizontal line. That's the download button. Once you click it, a .zip file will automatically be made for you, and begin downloading to your local download directory viewable in the “Downloads” section of your web browser, (the same place things go when you download a software program, for example.

As far as using this blog by itself, all pdf's on the blog are presented as links, so it's easy to tap hold and save, for the mobile device crowd, or right click and save as.

is the archive site [for the video content] [for the pdf contents.]

enjoy. lot going on there. Blog has over 2200 posts, and ALSO : if you just want to browse via the blog:

There is a pinned post at the very top called “Tag Navigation”
If there's a specific topic you're curious about, that is an alphabetized list, you just click the respective hashtag and the blog will return to you all posts that are tagged with that particular subject. :D

As an example clicking #nephilim hashtag brings you to articles about the nephilim.

God bless you all.

One last thing, if you want to help contribute to my mission, please feel free to click this page

>>>>> >>>HERE<<< and send me some crypto for the server costs.

This is running on a dedicated server, so I can use all the help I can get. I don't make any money off of what I'm doing, and besides that's not the point.

I'm doing this for the good people of the world, to be aware of what's going on, so we can all be on a better more level playing field of awareness together.

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