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Another sunny day on Horse thief mountain. Actual old west name they gave this peak, in the 1870s.

After today, the land gets a break until Storm 21 hits next week. All the rain is going precisely where it needs to be. It's of a purpose.

Storm 21...the beginning of the next and last cycle. Until things settle down, what's done is done, and the farmers can then count on weekly gentle rains to keep their crops – whether home garden or vast field of acres – alive and prosperous with delicious rains. No longer do farmers have to buy poisoned, graphene added and fluoridated water for their crops; which is what they get, poison water.

The evil that has and is being done by the Luciferic monsters is beyond any scale of history, save in the days of Noah. Which of course, we are living in.

Will we see the giants?

Yes. Sad to say. A black day for humanity when these things crawl up out of the Earth. And many will, but not all.

Will we have an alien invasion?

Of course. They've been planning this since the late 1940s.

It's how we are introduced to the beast. Who will claim as his minions, all the vaxxed up droids who took the his mark.

Will the two witnesses arrive to set things aright for Yeshua our Christ, make straight His ways, and balance Wrong for Right?

What do you think?

Already here. If you have eyes to see, that is.

Storm 20 finishes up for Cali and the Southwest. Then a break. You have a week. We need it. To do the life stuff.

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