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It's time these truths got out, without being censored. Feel free to use these posts, as a resource.

That said, a word from your blog maintainer, about living in a world that still uses money.

It's also important to let you know that I'm NOT doing this for money

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buy orgone: ***see link at bottom after reading*** (this is my "dayjob," but literally I don't actually have a wage job,) so any purchase here is greatly appreciated and contributes far more than one may understand, unless they are familiar with the life of an artist, and the inconsistency that goes along with that...) each one of these is made by me, by hand, and is not only pretty, but functional too. They help with wifi, cellphones and tower waveforms, mitigating the negative effects of them, and turning any waves that happen to pass in the area of the piece of orgone, into a positive, life affirming signal, instead of one that harms the immune system, and the human cellular creation, (aka your body), as a whole.


you may also just send cash via paypal, and that's equally appreciated, whichever way you choose, I'm *extremely grateful* and thank you thank you thank you, God bless you all...

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if you're on the fediverse, you can find orgonesystems posts under the tag #orgonesystems. or visit my site @/ >>>

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